Those of us in Watford City and Williston are no strangers to winter weather. It’s coming soon. We want everybody to have an enjoyable and safe winter season. Here are some winter driving tips:


  1. Have an emergency kit in your car. This should include Flares, a Blanket, Flashlight, Water and food, at a minimum.
  2. Make sure you have proper tires and they are inflated to the right pressure.
  3. If you stall, stay in your car. If it’s clod, just run your car for heat but not in an enclosed space or with teh windows up.
  4. Don’t speed.
  5. Steer in to a skid
  6. Stomp on Anti-Lock Brakes. Pump non-antilock brakes.

This is not a full list, but we want you to be safe.


And always, never drink and drive! We see the consequences of that all the time. It’s not worth it. Call a friend. Call a taxi. Sleep where you are. Stay safe.