There are horror stories about the towing industry, and we are well aware of all of them.

People have had their cars destroyed by the tow truck driver. People have had their possessions stolen while their car was in impound. People have had their cars given to the wrong people, like exes or ex-business partners.

At Great Plains Towing, we use the latest technology to ensure the safety of your car, our drivers, and your possessions.

We photograph the outside and, if needed and possible, the inside of each vehicle both before and after. This is uploaded via our software provider and part of the tow record for your vehicle.

Our impound lot is fenced with barb wire and locked. Only authorized personnel are allowed entry. Each person entering must write down the time of entry and exit.

Our impound yard has 24 hour a day video surveillance cameras. We use state of the art cameras to record every movement in the yard. We, also, have remote viewing access, enabling to watch real time any movements and activity.

If you want to know more, feel free to call us anytime. We work hard to provide a safe, reliable and pleasant experience for our customers.